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Global Hackathon 2021

Virtual Cultural Projects

In February-March 2021, the University of Exeter Global Opportunities
and Immersive Trails Academy collaborated on a virtual Global Hackathon aimed at equipping undergraduate students in Humanities, Social Sciences and Liberal Arts with actionable professional skills required to thrive in a global digital workspace. The programme was aimed at making students more independent by innovatively harnessing the power of the digital universe to impact livelihoods, enhance self-sufficiency and create employment opportunities. Participants learned innovative, tech-based ways of dealing with global challenges by working across national and cultural boundaries.

Through this virtual Global Hackathon, undergraduate students from the University of Exeter and India will have the opportunity to convert their theoretical learning into practical applications using digital means to create participatory immersive cultural experiences. 

Here are the final projects curated by the students as a part of the Hackathon.

Websites, Blogs & Storymaps

Hindu priests perform an Arti worship ce
Sarasi Ganguly, BHU


This is a Storymap based project by Sarasi Ganguly of Banaras Hindu University on Varanasi, its past and cultural continuities in the present.

Priyanka Das, Presidency

The Unacknowledged Legacy

Priyanka Das of the Presidency University in Kolkata explores the unacknowledged and forgotten legacy of the Tawaifs in 18th-19th century Bengal in her Storymap project.

Camilla Beghin, Exeter

Padova (Padua)
in the 1970s

In her website project University of Exeter student Camilla Beghin revisits the spaces associated with the violent past of her home town Padova (Padua) in Italy. 

Andrew Lee, Exeter

The Artistic
High Street

In this Storymap project University of Exeter student Andrew Lee takes you on a virtual journey of street art in and around Exeter's High Street.

Lydia Dent, Exeter

Mental Hospital

University of Exeter student Lydia Dent explores the history of Victorian-era asylums and hospitals in the UK throgh the example of the erstwhile Bexley Mental Hospital in her own backyard in Kent.

Amy Tsoi, Exeter

Penang Street Art

University of Exeter student Amy Tsoi takes you on a stroll through Penang, Malaysia, to discover its fascinating street art on her blog.

Antioch School.jpg
Saskia Brogan, Exeter

The Antioch School

Through this Storymap project University of Exeter student Saskia Brogan takes you on a journey to her alma mater, the Antioch School in Yellow Springs in Ohio.

Natalia Sanchez, Exeter

The Cultural Heritage of Devon

University of Exeter student Natalia Fernandez de Araoz Sanchez started creating this website to help visitors and the members of the local community to explore the history of Devon in the UK. This is a work in progress.

Video Projects

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