Global Leaders Programme in Urban Natural Heritage
by University of Exeter and Immersive Trails

Dates: 25th-29th July | Eligibility: Undergraduate Students in Any Discipline |
Number of Places: 20 | Programme Fees: Nil

Programme Brief
According to UNESCO, “Natural heritage refers to natural features, geological and physiographical formations and delineated areas that constitute the habitat of threatened species of animals and plants and natural sites of value from the point of view of science, conservation or natural beauty. It includes private and publicly protected natural areas, zoos, aquaria and botanical gardens, natural habitat, marine ecosystems, sanctuaries, reservoirs etc.”

We’re living increasingly urbanised lives behind the walls that define our built heritage. The industrial revolution accelerated the pace at which we used natural resources to build our infrastructure, and today we stand at a point where we have depleted the resources enough to not meet our increasing demands. There is an urgent need for interventions to raise awareness about protecting and safeguaring natural heritage.

The 5 day course entails collaboration between students from UK and India to make natural heritage a more integral part of discussion. It tackles the question of how to make people aware about natural heritage. The participants will come up with solutions and raise awareness about local natural urban heritage.

Also included is access to the Immersive Trails virtual experience platform, where creators will be able to market their creations, and mentorship from the Immersive Trails team to get their first experience completed and uploaded. We expect our virtual experience platform to become the global leader over the next few years, and this is an exciting opportunity to become a part of that journey.


What is Natural Heritage?

Set the context for the entire program with discussing and defining Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage in Cities
Understand what are the forms of natural heritage in cities and how they converse with urban environments

Managing Natural Heritage
Learn what are the ways in which conservation and preservation of natural heritage is possible

Case Studies
Discover concrete steps that have been taken in the past to successfully conserve Natural heritage.


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